Do you work with a good printer? How do you know?

Every printing company is a little bit different. Some do some things well, others do other things well. Some, we're sorry to say, downright suck!
We invite you to use this handy checklist to see how your favorite printer stacks up. You might discover a new love for your awesome printer... or you might realize how much unnecessary pain you've been having to put up with needlessly.
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I came to Clarke from the USPS where I worked for 10 years. I am currently our CSR, shipping department, and bookkeeper. I help out in prepress when possible and I am very involved in the day to day running at Clarke. I love working with our customers (we have some of the best) and the new things that come across my desk daily.
Deborah Harris
Customer Service
About The Author
Scott Buckner
Jersey Mike's Subs, Franchise Owner
“ We use Clarke, Inc. to quickly and accurately produce our printed material. Don’t hesitate to download this checklist and compare your printer to Clarke, Inc. You may even learn that some of the poor service your receive is not standard. Clarke, Inc.’s customer service exceeds our expectations.”