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If you don't know the USPS rules you could be wasting money on postage. We've translated the USPS rules into plain English. Also included is an easy checklist and Postal Rates Chart!
“The 10 minutes it takes to read this ebook can save you hours of headache. The checklist for a mailing is the perfect summary and actionable tool. Keep this close by in your desk.”

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Learn how to keep your list manageable and avoid duplicates and other errors.

Database Guidelines

Picking the right tab layout can save you time and money.

Folded Mailer Tab Guide

Not just any layout will be accepted by the post office.

Design Guidelines for Your Direct Mail Piece

If you the best rates you must stay within certain dimensions.

Mail Piece Dimension Guidelines

What’s Inside
I came to Clarke from the USPS where I worked for 10 years. I am currently our CSR, shipping department, and bookkeeper. I help out in prepress when possible and I am very involved in the day to day running at Clarke. I love working with our customers (we have some of the best) and the new things that come across my desk daily.
Deborah Harris
Mail Maven
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